A woman was arrested in the Barcelona airport for smuggling cocaine in from Colombia. Not the most surprising story in the world, until you hear that she attempted to smuggle the cocaine in  pouches in her breast implants.

The woman, a citizen of Panama, was disembarking from a flight from Bogota in Barcelona’s El Prat airport when Spanish security officers began asking her routine answers about her visit, according to CNN

Because the woman was coming from a place known for its drug trafficking, customs agents were especially strict about verifying passengers’ information.

After the woman gave extremely vague answers to security’s questions, airport staff began to suspect that she may have smuggled drugs into the country. When a female security guard began patting the woman down, she found bloodied pads of gauze underneath her breasts. 

Upon further inspection, security found that the bloodied gauze was concealing fresh incisions and two baggies of “white foreign material,” according to the Spanish Interior Ministry.

Though the woman attempted to explain the material as new breast impants that had not properly healed, it was later found that she had smuggled nearly three pounds of cocaine in her breasts. 

The total street value of the woman’s breast implant cocaine? Roughly $105,000, based on DEA estimates of $35,000 a pound for uncut cocaine.

According to the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, 90 percent of cocaine trafficked into the United States is smuggled in from sources in Colombia, where the woman arrived from.