A west Virginia woman, accused of torturing her three-year-old son, pleaded guilty to charges of child neglect.

Brittany Nicole, 29, entered the plea on Tuesday. She admitted to the court that she failed to get medical attention for her child or give him adequate nutrition.

A criminal complaint originally came out concerning Lippincott stating she had been selling drugs from her home.

Following the tip, authorities found her toddler locked inside a room in just his underwear. The skinny and bruised child proceeded to tell the authorities that his genitals and lips had been injured when his mom hurt him with the pliers.

According to the medical records, the child was only 22 pounds. Jennifer Pigott, the Marion County Chief Assistant Prosecutor, stated the boy had been hospitalized for just a week.

It is not the first case this year of child torture though they are quite rare and usually linked to severe mental issues within the abusers.

A few months ago, in June, a Genesee County woman, was charged with abusing and torturing her 12-year-old stepdaughter. In a similar fashion to this recent case, the abuse lasted for months.

The abuser, Tiffany Alvarado, was accused of using a dog shock collar on the girl.

The difference between the punishment approaches of these two women was the later did it to her stepdaughter when the girl did not do chores the way she wanted them done. At that point, she would press a button to shock the child.

It became so bad that at one point, the girl was not able to stand up. Alvarado was also accused of hitting the girl with a ladle to the point she bled.

In July, a stranger story broke of a New Mexico woman who tortured several of her 15 children and then boiled the family’s newborn puppies in a sealed pot.

She was charged with child abuse and extreme animal cruelty. In an interview, one of the children described an incident the mother shot him in the arm with a shotgun.

He was taking out the trash at the time. She also put one of the girls in a fat chain because she ate too much.

The parents are still answering claims in various states on crimes they did, so it is not yet clear which action is going to be taken against them.

In all cases, the parents charged with the incidences were found to be mentally unstable, or they had a drug-related problem.

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