A county court has ordered a surgeon to pay a Victorian woman $133,000 as compensation for damaging her breast in a reconstructive operation in April 2004.

Bronwyn Hooper, 47, won the compensation after five years of legal battle with Dr. Narine Efe of East Melbourne.

News.com quoted Judge Frank Saccardo as saying in his judgment that Efe was in breach of her duty of care to Hooper and the operation left her with disfigured, asymmetrical breasts.

The weight of Hooper's 38I or 36J breast sizes exacerbated a back, neck and shoulder condition so she decided to undergo breast reduction surgery.

Hooper sued Efe after her post-operation wounds from the last reconstructive surgery in October 2006 did not heal and left a golf ball-sized hole in her left breast. She was also in pain for months.

Hooper underwent three further operations to remove dead tissues from her breasts and another three reconstructive surgeries. A Hobart breast specialist performed the operations.

Hooper took three months to recover and had to leave her job.