The FBI was investigating the death of a 39-year-old woman who died on board a cruise ship Tuesday. Kristy Manzanares was found dead inside her cabin on an Alaska-bound Emerald Princess cruise after an alleged domestic dispute. Police arrested her husband, Kenneth Manzanares.

The couple, from Utah, was onboard the ship with their three teenage daughters celebrating their 18th year of marriage, according to Inside Edition.

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Kristy was discovered inside the cabin with “a severe head wound and blood was spread throughout the room,” an FBI complaint said. Few details were released about the situation, though witnesses were able to shed some light on what may have happened.

“She would not stop laughing at me,” Kenneth reportedly told an unidentified witness. “My life is over.”

At least one witness said they heard a woman “screaming for her life,” according to ABC News.

Kenneth allegedly tried to jump overboard but was restrained by crew members. One woman recalled seeing a man with blood on him near the boat’s railing.

“She thought he was going to jump over the rail,” a witness, Charles Rowlen, told KTVA of his wife’s experience that night. “At one point he put his hand on the rail and set his rear on it. She started yelling ‘Get back in!’”

As soon as Kristy’s death occurred, it was considered suspicious, Negin Kamali of Princess Cruises confirmed to KTUU. The ship was diverted to Juneau, Alaska, where it was docked and the 3,400 passengers on board were placed on lockdown.

“They just said, ‘Security breach! Security breach!” a witness, Jen Larson, recalled to ABC News. “We could tell by the sound of his voice that it was something really scary and really serious.”

Larson also said a member of her family saw one of the Manzanares’ young daughters in the aftermath looking distraught.

“She was just really scared,” said Larson. “She said, ‘I just want to go and see my mom! I just want to see my mom! What’s happening?”

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Kenneth was appointed a public defender after his arrest. He appeared in court Thursday via video chat from Juneau, where he remained behind bars. Kenneth could be seen crying and wiping his eyes and nose, according to USA Today. Bail had not yet been set, but a preliminary hearing was scheduled for August 10.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with the family and all those impacted by this tragic event,” Princess Cruises said in a statement.