With “Wonder Woman 1984” coming next summer, it seems like Warner Bros. is looking to expand on the world of the female superhero with a spinoff focusing on the Amazonian warriors of Themyscira.

After “Wonder Woman 1984” released it’s trailer worldwide at Brazil’s Comic-Con Experience (CCXP) over the weekend, news of a spinoff started to swirl around the web. A Brazilian journalist on Twitter posted about the announcement that was made during a press conference for “Wonder Woman 1984,” according to Slashfilm.

As reported by the outlet, it was mentioned in the tweet that a spinoff movie focused "on the Amazon," Diana Prince’s home, is supposedly in development with "1984" Patty Jenkins attached to produce. No other details were given at the time regarding the story, but the island of Themyscira does lend itself to some opportunities to tell stories. For now, it’s all just speculation, as the studio hasn’t given any official confirmation.

If the “Wonder Woman” spinoff comes to fruition, this isn’t the first time Warner Bros. developed a spinoff based on certain DC characters. After the success of “Aquaman,” the studio began working on a film based on the creatures that lived in his homeworld of Atlantis called “The Trench.” The monsters of the deep made an appearance in the original 2018 film, which was a global hit and was praised for the underwater scenes showcasing the locales of Atlantis.

Since we got to see Themyscira the same way in 2017's “Wonder Woman,” fans can anticipate possibly seeing more of that world in its own project. Besides “Wonder Woman,” viewers also got to see the mysterious island make an appearance in the 2017 film “Justice League.”

If this project gets greenlit, this would mark the second spinoff that is based on a location in the DC Extended Universe. For now, audiences can catch Wonder Woman in the upcoming sequel “Wonder Woman 1984” as it releases in theaters on June 5, 2020.

Wonder Woman
“Wonder Woman” did not have a post-credits scene because director Patty Jenkins (left) felt it would not make sense. Warner Bros.