Although you may have used Netflix as a way to escape reality in 2019, in 2020, you may want to turn the streaming service into a motivational tool to help you achieve your New Year’s resolution.

Aside from movies and television shows, Netflix offers an array of documentaries about fitness, diets, health and more. If you plan on getting in shape in the new year, there is a ton of content available for streaming that will motivate you to make healthier choices and hit the gym.

“Functional Fitness” - This 2016 documentary allows you to step into the world of high-intensity workouts. From athletes to newbies starting their fitness journey, the film takes a look at the growing fitness trend and the people who have embraced it.

“The Truth About Alcohol” - If you’re thinking about giving up drinking in the New Year, you may want to consider watching this 2016 documentary. The film explores the risks and benefits of alcohol.

“Generation Iron 2” - Becoming a top bodybuilder is no easy tasks and this 2017 film follows the lives of some of the top bodybuilders and their journey to achieve the perfect physique.

“The Magic Pill” - Thinking about trying out the trendy keto diet? Well, this 2017 documentary explores the benefits of the diet, and how it can improve the health of those who follow it.

“Generation Iron 3” - Although dropping a few pounds in 2020 may seem like an impossible task, competing for the title of Mr. Olympia is way more difficult. The 2018 documentary follows the lives of men hoping to be crowned for achieving physical perfection.

“Froning: The Fittest Man in History” - Getting in shape should be a breeze after watching this 2016 documentary. The film explores Rich Froning Jr’s journey as he trains to make history by winning his fourth CrossFit Games title.

“The Game Changers” - Have you been searching for the perfect diet that would allow you to live your best life? The 2018 film documents James Wilks’ investigation into the factors necessary to live a healthy and productive life.

“The Redeemed and the Dominant: Fittest on Earth” - What does it take to compete in the Reebok CrossFit Games? This 2017 documentary follows elite athletes as they compete in an intense four-day fitness competition.

“Bugs” - If your New Year’s resolution includes making a health plan for the future you may want to check out this 2016 film. The film follows researchers as they scour the globe to determine whether bugs can be used as a future food source.

“Westside vs. the World” - Powerlifting is an intense workout, but thanks to the influence of strength coach Louie Simmons, the competition of the sport has changed. The 2019 documentary tells the story of the founder of the Westside Barbell gym, and how he made a difference in the world of fitness.

Rodrigues, a 23-year-old yoga instructor, grew up idolising athletes like Usain Bolt and harboured dreams of becoming a runner
Rodrigues, a 23-year-old yoga instructor, grew up idolising athletes like Usain Bolt and harboured dreams of becoming a runner AFP / Manjunath Kiran