The New Year has finally arrived, which means it’s time to set goals and take on new challenges. Now that 2020 is in the past, overcoming something like a workout plan in 2021 will likely seem like a breeze.

Luckily, Netflix has an array of documentaries that will inspire your fitness goals for the next 365 days and help you keep your New Year’s resolution.

“The Game Changers” (2018) - Vegans hoping to get fit in the new year will appreciate this documentary, which follows former UFC fighter James Wilks on his quest to discover the truth about strength, protein, and meat while interviewing elite athletes who follow plant-based diets.

“Fittest In Dubai” (2019) - Achieving your fitness goal is no reason to stop reaching for success. The documentary follows top athletes as they compete to qualify for the first-ever CrossFit Sanctional event.

“Ronnie Coleman: The King” (2018) - Follow the story of the eight-time Mr. Olympia winner, whose dedication to fitness helped him become one of the greatest bodybuilders of all time.

“Generation Iron 2” (2017) - Once a person is recognized for their achievements in bodybuilding, maintaining praise in the spotlight is a difficult task. The documentary follows top bodybuilders competing for the perfect physique.

“Generation Iron 3” (2018) - Everyone has their own idea of the perfect figure and bodybuilders are no exception. This sports movie documents athletes as they work towards their fitness goals and compete in the Mr. Olympia competition.

“Froning: The Fittest Man In History” (2016) - The biographical film follows the intense training regimen of Rich Froning Jr. as he prepares to compete for his fourth CrossFit Games title.

“The Ronda Rousey Story: Through My Father’s Eyes” (2019) - This documentary is the perfect example of how holding on to your dreams can transform you into an unforgettable icon. The film explores Rousey’s rise to becoming a UFC Champion.

“What The Health” (2017) - Being in shape is only part of a fitness journey. In order to truly embrace a healthier lifestyle, this Kip Andersen documentary, which explores the link between diet and diseases, could be the key to helping you keep your New Year’s resolution.

“Eddie - Strongman” (2015) - Eddie Hall had a particular goal in mind, become the World’s Strongest Man, a title he achieved two years after the release of this documentary. After watching this film, going to the gym for an hour won’t seem so bad.

“The Truth About Alcohol” (2016) - Giving up drinking in the New Year may be a bit easier after watching this documentary, which investigates the benefits and risks of alcohol.

A Netflix logo is pictured. AFP / Olivier DOULIERY