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After reaching the Round of 16 in 2014, Team USA has higher expectations for the 2018 World Cup. Reuters

With the 2014 World Cup at an end, many nations already have eyes on 2018, when the tournament is set to be played again. While the next World Cup is still four years away, the oddsmakers have already decided on the favorites.

Not surprisingly, Germany and Argentina are at the top of the list. After becoming the first European nation to win a World Cup on South American soil, the four-time champs have been given 5/1 odds. Argentina trails them at 7/1, following its loss in the finals.

The teams that rank third and fourth had very disappointing 2014 World Cup runs. Brazil made it all the way to the final four, but was embarrassed in the semifinals, and failed to score a goal in the consolation match. Spain didn’t make it nearly as far as Brazil, which entered the tournament as the favorites. The defending champions lost their first two matches, failing to advance past the group stage.

As the host nation, Russia finds itself in the top 10. While the team failed to reach the Round of 16 without a win, its odds have been set at 20/1 for the 2018 World Cup.

The favorites are made up of mostly teams from Europe, with eight of the top 10 teams coming from the continent. Brazil and Argentina represent South America in the top 10.

After escaping the “Group of Death” this year, the United States is given much better odds for 2018. Before the start of the 2014 World Cup, Team USA’s odds had been set at 100/1. For 2018, they're 33/1.

A few teams that had surprising runs this year are considered extreme longshots. Costa Rica made it all the way to the quarterfinals this year but given almost no chance to do any damage in 2018 with 300/1 odds. Algeria has 150/1 odds following a trip to the Round of 16.

Below are the very early betting odds for the 2018 World Cup, courtesy of

Germany 5/1

Argentina 7/1

Brazil 8/1

Spain 8/1

France 10/1

Netherlands 12/1

Belgium 16/1

Italy 16/1

England 20/1

Russia 20/1

Colombia 25/1

Portugal 25/1

Chile 33/1

USA 33/1

Bosnia-Herzegovina 50/1

Croatia 50/1

Uruguay 50/1

Czech Republic 66/1

Mexico 66/1

Portland 66/1

Switzerland 66/1

Ukraine 66/1

Denmark 80/1

Sweden 80/1

Greece 100/1

Ivory Coast 100/1

Japan 100/1

Serbia 100/1