• October 10 is World Mental Health Day
  • It aims to bring awareness to mental health issues that confront many
  • Depression among young people is one area of concern

Young people deal with a host of emotions. They can get worried about their physical appearance, their studies, conflicts within the family, or even friends. With the celebration of World Mental Health Day, taking notice of the symptoms of depression among young people could help these young ones find early intervention and save them from ruin.

World Mental Health Day was first celebrated in 1992 and thereafter observed every October 10. It was through the initiative of the World Federation for Mental Health, with a goal to bring awareness about mental health to the world and with advocacy to quell the attached social stigma.

Today, the pandemic created a host of changes to young people's routines. Things that they previously enjoyed needed to either be curtailed or to be minimized one way or another. With these stressors that young people needed to deal with, it becomes important for adults to spot any sign of depression. Better Health mentioned that suicide is one of the common causes of death among young people, which makes it all the more important for adults to be mindful of their behavior.

Feeling grumpy

While feeling a bit grumpy is normal, such irritability, if it's over a long period of time, is no longer healthy. It is one of those things that signal depression.

Feeling guilty or worthless

The British Psychological Society noted that out of the many suicide notes left by teens or young people, they often say that "it's better for me to be dead," denoting self-worthlessness. Some are also addressed to their parents. When young people feel that they are worthless, they are often found in a depressed state.

Having suicidal thoughts

Suicidal thoughts and feeling worthless may be intertwined. When young people feel they're worthless, it leads them to think that they are better off dead, thereby leading to suicidal thoughts.

Feeling that everything is too hard

Another sign of depression is the thought that everything is simply difficult. The lack of motivation is also another sign to watch out for.

World Mental Health Day
World Mental Health Day - knowing the signs of depression among young people. Wokandapix/Pixabay

Smoking or using alcohol

One of the things that could indicate depression is the use of alcohol or smoking. If a teen has not been into any of these and all of a sudden you start noticing that he used these substances, then that could denote depression.

Social withdrawal

One telltale sign of depression is the lack of desire to interact with others. When a teenager starts withdrawing from the rest of the world, then it is possible that he might be depressed.

For those who have teens or kids at home, be mindful of the signs of depression in young people. Knowing how depression manifests can help you spot the problem at the earliest and afford your loved one early intervention.