The world's smallest puppy, a Dachshund mix, made her television debut on The Today Show on Monday along with her four other brothers and sisters, including a brother named Jay-Z.

Beth DiCaprio, the executive director of the Northern California animal shelter the Grace Foundation, brought Beyonce to The Today Show to talk about the life of the world's smallest puppy, who was born on March 8 and made headlines all over the world.

We're so grateful for the outpouring of love and support for her, DiCaprio said, noting she is fed by a bottle every hour. She's developing just like her siblings and playing.

Beyonce spent most of her appearance on television shaking and cooing while being held by the hosts of The Today Show and at one point was put into a coffee mug, which she was much smaller than, as seen in the video of the show.

When Beyonce was just one day old, she was small enough to fit on a tablespoon. Now at four-and-one-half inches long, is a healthy four-and-a-half week old pup.

Beyonce's mother, eight-month-old Casey, was found pregnant and abandoned in San Bernardino, California before being rescued by the Grace Foundation, which prevented the mother and her five puppies from being euthanized.

Hosts on The Today Show said the Foundation did not believe that Beyonce would survive, after a doctor said she was likely to be born stillborn. When she was born, she was so small and wasn't breathing at birth and was brought back to life at one point by CPR. The Grace Foundation decided to name her Beyonce, after the singer's hit song Survivor, since the little pup was certainly a survivor. DiCaprio said she is not sure if the real Beyonce knows she was the namesake for the pup.

According to DiCaprio, Beyonce will not get much bigger and will maybe reach about one pound or one-and-a-half pounds when she grows. She hopes Beyonce will serve as a fixture to stop euthanasia and to encourage others to adopt.

Beyonce and Jay-Z's siblings are named Bono, Lady Gaga and Jagger, DiCaprio said. Beyonce and her other siblings will be up for adoption within a few weeks.

Beth DiCaprio urges fans of Beyonce, the world's tiniest pup to check out her official website,, and to like the official Facebook page.

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