What are the world's worst airport terminals? Here's a hint: five of them are in the U.S.

That's right, half of the world's worst, most decrepit terminals bear the stars and stripes - and three of them serve the nation's largest city, according to a recent survey from Frommer's.

For many travelers, an airport terminal provides both the first impression and the final word about a destination.

Frommer's created its list based on cleanliness, services, on-time departures, navigation, and the ease of getting to and from a city's center.

Terminal 3 at New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) took top honors as the worst terminal on the planet. Terminal 3 serves Delta exclusively and is known for endless immigration lines in a dank basement, for an utter lack of food and shopping options, three crowded and confusing entry points, hallways that could have been designed by M.C. Escher and for vomiting international travelers out onto an underground sidewalk with no cabs available, according to Frommer's.

Built in 1960 for Pan American Airlines, the Worldport, which looks like a grand, flying saucer, is not the shining glory it once was. Even Delta acknowledges this and is tearing it down and replacing it with a giant glass structure connected to nearby Terminal 4.

It wasn't all bad news for JFK. JetBlue's Terminal 5 was listed on Frommer's list of the world's best air terminals.

Here's a look at the other terminals that were voted the 10 best airport terminals in the world:

1. Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Hajj Terminal

2. Leifur Eriksson Airport, Terminal Keflavik, Iceland

3. Seoul, South Korea, Inchon Airport

4. Wellington, New Zealand, Rock Terminal

5. New York, JFK Terminal 5 that serves Jetblue

6. Singapore Changi Airport, Terminal 3

7. Marrakech, Morocco, Menara Airport Terminal 1

8. Madrid, Spain, Barajas Terminal 4

9. Carrasco Airport, Montevideo, Uruguay

10. Bilbao, Spain, Main Terminal

Curiously, Frommer's top pick, the Hajj Terminal at King Abdul Aziz International Airport, is open just six weeks of the year during Hajj when millions of Muslims make the pilgrimage to Mecca.

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