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Brad Pitt waves to his fans during the Japan premiere of his latest movie "War Machine" in Tokyo, May 23, 2017. TORU YAMANAKA/AFP/Getty Images

Over the last few weeks, several false reports have surfaced linking Brad Pitt to several women amid his ongoing divorce from Angelina Jolie. Despite Gossip Cop debunking a Star magazine's report about the actor "secretly romancing" Charlize Theron, OK! magazine recirculated the false claim.

“Brad & Charlize: ‘Yes! We’re On!’” read the cover of the OK! magazine, which added that the two stars have been traveling around the globe meeting for “secret hookups” at luxury hotels in London, Paris and Beverly Hills.

“They have lots of sexual chemistry and they’re both so damn hot! They both love having a good laugh, working out and reading. It’s a very passionate romance!" an unreliable source told the magazine.

However, Gossip Cop debunked both the reports as the actor was not seriously involved with any actress amid his ongoing divorce proceedings and custody battle.

Here is a list of some false rumors about Pitt's dating life.

Brad Pitt Dating Jennifer Aniston?

Since Pitt and Jolie's divorce drama heated up, several false rumors surfaced about the actor getting back with his ex-wife Jennifer Aniston. Some reports also went to lengths to say the duo was having a "miracle baby" and that they were also planning to get engaged. However, there was no truth in these rumors as the two stars have not spoke to each other for years.

InTouch magazine had claimed Aniston "got pregnant naturally with Brad. It just happened — no IVF or anything. It’s a true miracle baby." The report also alleged Pitt and Jolie have shared the news with Courtney Cox and Amal and George Clooney. Despite these reports being debunked, other tabloids also claimed about an alleged romantic getaway in Italy where Pitt's daughter Shiloh was also present.

Brad Pitt Dating Jennifer Garner?

Recently, NW magazine claimed Pitt and Garner were secretly seeing each other for several months and enjoying “secret hook-ups” at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

“They have been meeting there at the Polo Lounge, and sneaking in the back so they go unnoticed. It’s one of Brad’s favorite spots in LA and the perfect place for a romantic date. He’s really taken with Jen," an unreliable source claimed.

Pitt likes Garner because “she’s Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie combined,” the souce said, adding, “She has the girl-next-door nature of Jen, but she’s also a strong woman and action heroine like Ange.” The alleged source went on to say that “Jen and Brad connect on a deep level, and they’ve been secretly seeing where that could go.”

However, there was no truth in the claims.

Brad Pitt Dating Sat Hari​ Khalsa

RadarOnline and the Sun falsely claimed last month Pitt was dating the jewelry designer and spiritual advisor.

One of the reports cited an unreliable source saying: Pitt “has been spotted getting cozy with a new woman... Word is she’s making some special jewelry with ‘healing energy’ just for him." The headline of the RadarOnline story read: "Shocking Photos: Brad Pitt’s Date With Sexy Spiritual Advisor Exposed.”

Meanwhile, the Sun's headline read: “New Leading Lady: Brad Pitt sparks rumors he’s dating again as he attends charity auction with jewelry designer Sat Hari.” The report said Pitt and Hari “were spotted laughing and talking at the charity party.” However, both the reports concluded the duo was dating based on their friendly interaction at a charity event.

Brad Pitt 'Flirting' With Margaret Qualley

There have also been false rumors about Pitt "flirting" with his "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" co-star Margaret Qualley. Reports also claimed Aniston was upset after learning about Pitt and Qualley getting close. However, there was no truth in the claims.