WWE “Main Event” has lived up to its name by featuring high profile matches in the past two months since the weekly show has debuted. The caliber of matches has varied, from World Champion vs. World Champion between CM Punk and Sheamus back the debuting episode, to lower level, but still notable matches, reports NoDQ.

This week’s show features an upper midcard bout between United States Champion Antonio Cesaro and Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston. The two stars perform on a high level and have chemistry in the ring, as seen in the fatal four-way on “RAW.”

The match had no definitive conclusion, however, because of interference from Wade Barrett and R-Truth. After the run in, a tag team match with Kingston and Truth facing Cesaro and Barrett

The former tag team champions Kingston and Truth beat the thrown together Antonio Cesaro and Wade Barrett. The match was originally supposed to happen on “RAW” last night but was altered to a fatal four-way.

With WWE’s recent venture into Twitter polls has created a bit of a problem. The results often don’t have an effect. If there is a unique outcome, there is a feeling that some of the results are fixed.

The show didn’t feature a follow up match.