The professional wrestling industry can be very political, and WWE fans might be disappointed to find some stars absent from WWE's RAW 1,000th episode. The three-hour show has some big names on the bill, but some of the biggest won't step between the ropes Monday night.

Any wrestling fan knows that you can't predict everything, but these three superstars aren't likely to be on the RAW 1,000th episode.

When you think “wrestling,” you think “Hulk Hogan.” The first major pro wrestling superstar made himself a household name in the WWE – then the WWF – and pushed the boundaries further in WCW, which is now owned by the WWE. Hogan was the top star on the scene and set the standards that wrestlers like The Rock and John Cena strived to emulate throughout their careers.

The Hulkster may have been a driving force for RAW from the early 1990s to the early 2000s, but he won’t playing to the crowd at the RAW 1,000th episode. Hogan is busy with several other former WWE stars at Total Nonstop Action Wrestling. This WWE rival will be coming up once or twice more in this article, but Hogan may be the least likely to show up Monday night. He doesn’t just wrestle for TNA, he’s part of the management.

A major driving force and innovator of a faster-paced style of wrestling, Jeff Hardy personified an era. Along with his brother Matt, The Hardy Boyz were one of the greatest tag teams ever seen in the WWE, and as a singles competitor, he grew even more popular. Hardy even went on to hold several world titles in WWE, and was one of their most popular superstars at the height of his career.

The high-flying Jeff Hardy won’t be dropping any jaws at the RAW 1,000th episode. Like Hulk Hogan, Hardy left the number one wrestling company for its runner up. He’s held their world title on several occasions, too, but his commercial success there will never equal his status within WWE. You can keep your fingers crossed that he’ll jump ship Monday night, but it’s unlikely. There hasn’t any word of his contract with TNA ending, and that kind of thing would have usually circulated by now.

One of the most shocking wrestlers to find on this list, Randy Orton is a current and very beloved WWE superstar. The biggest fan favorite on WWE's SmackDown! Brand, Orton has proved himself to be a dynamic performer and entertainer. He has personal ties to Triple H, who plays a big part in running the show, and is a major draw for attendance.

The thing with Orton is, he been known to have a bit of an attitude. A further complication is that he is on his second suspension strike. The wellness policy for WWE has a strict three-strikes policy, and Orton has already been in trouble before. Normally the company would bend the rules and let the big name star back in the ring, but according to NoDQ, Orton hasn't been too worked up about not getting back sooner. He is openly unsatisfied with his TV persona, which may leave fans openly unsatisfied with his absence from the RAW 1,000th episode.