The usually brawling Celtic Warriro beat Alberto del Rio via submission with the Texas Cloverleaf at the Tuesday “SmackDown” taping, reports NoDQ. The show was filmed at the North Charleston Coliseum in North Charleston, S.C., and will air tonight at 8 p.m.

The main event for the evening was Alberto del Rio facing off against Sheamus in a one-on-one bout, which as of a few months ago would have been a main event pay-per-view match. Sheamus has since lost the World Heavy Championship to Big Show.

Show and Sheamus started off “SmackDown” by signing an agreement that they wouldn’t have physical contact with one another before the TLC pay-per-view on Dec. 16. The Great White found a loophole in the deal, when the Giant came out at the end of the show to taunt Sheamus, the former champion threw Richardo Rodriguez at his Chari match opponent.

The World’s Largest Athlete had better luck early on in the night, when he defeated Daniel Bryan. After the match, the Shield stormed the ring and attacked Bryan, until his tag team partner Kane came out, but the Big Red Monster was put through the Spanish announce table.

Kofi Kingston aided Randy Orton in a match against Wade Barrett. The Intercontinental Champion was on commentary during the Orton vs. Barrett match, and distracted the Bareknuckle Brawler so the Viper could pick up a victory.

Kingston’s former tag team partner R-Truth attacked Antonio Cesaro as the Unites States Champion was cutting a promo. Now Truth is set to challenge Cesaro for his U.S. Title at the TLC pay-per-view.

3MB was in full action on “SmackDown” during a six-man tag match. The Heath Slater lead trio defeated Brodus Clay and the Usos.

The 3MB angle works well with Slater’s rockstar gimmick. Even though Drew McIntyre could be better suited higher on the card rather than as a member of a lower midcard stable, it is better than not having him on the main shows.

The Great Khali and Hornswoggle teamed up to beat Epico and Primo, while Rosa Mendes argued with Natalya argued outside of the ring. Hornswoggle is not a usual competitor, but he did win the Crusierweight Championship in 2007, which retired the belt.