Unfinished Rembrandt Self Portrait Discovered With Assistance of X-Ray Scanning
A 1660 Self-portrait by Rembrandt. creative commons

With the assistance of X-ray scanning, art experts have identified another self-portrait of Dutch painter Rembrandt.

The portrait belonged to a private collector and will be on display from May-July, 2012 at the Rembrandthuis museum in Amsterdam.

Although there are no visible details in the face, leading Rembrandt experts mention that they are convinced about the authenticity of the artwork. This is primarily because of the similarities in the painting style.

The BBC reported that art historian Ernst van de Wetering, head of the Rembrandt Research Project, said there were key technical similarities in the painting style between the self-portrait and authenticated works by Rembrandt that date back to the 1630s.

Apart from Wetering, researchers from America and Belgium also assisted in determining the painting origin.

The lost self-portrait of the Dutch master was discovered under another creation reportedly done by the master - Old Man with a Beard. As the name suggests, the painting depicts an old man dressed in black and standing against a brown background.