• High blood pressure is a common problem of men and women today
  • It has the potential to become life-threatening and could lead to grave illnesses
  • One tropical fruit has been proven effective in countering high blood pressure

High blood pressure is one of the most prevalent health conditions in the UK, affecting more than one in four persons. When left untreated, it may lead to more serious conditions that can potentially be life-threatening.

Luckily, there are dozens of ways to manage high blood pressure, and one of these is by eating a well-balanced and healthy regular diet. Exercising each week for at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity or performing a vigorous aerobic activity for 75 minutes also helps a lot. Some studies prove that adding a certain tropical fruit to your diet helps in lowering blood pressure readings.

A Sweet Change

Results of a 12-week study published in the National Centre for Biotechnology Information or NCBI revealed that 120 of its volunteers experienced a reduction in their blood pressure readings. According to the findings, participants who ate ripe guava before their meals enjoyed a reduction of eight to nine points in their blood pressure after the study period. In the same study, researchers also noted a 9.9% reduction in the cholesterol of the volunteers.

tropical fruit against high blood pressure
tropical fruit against high blood pressure Suanpa - Pixabay

Another similar research strengthened these findings after researchers found guava leaf extracts have the same blood pressure-lowering capabilities. Numerous other studies have since then been conducted on this healthy property of the fruit.

A tropical fruit widely believed to have originated from Central America and Southern Mexico, guava has a juicy and sweet flavor. Depending on the variety, its insides may have a salmon-color, pinkish, or yellow hues. Its seeds are edible.

Providing You with A Host Of Health Benefits

Aside from helping lower your blood pressure readings, researchers also revealed including this tropical fruit in your regular diet allows you to reap a host of health benefits. In one study involving 19 people, researchers found that drinking tea made from guava leaves can also lower your blood sugar levels after consuming your meal. Researchers also note that the effect lasted up to two hours. This tropical fruit is also rich in vitamin C. Studies reveal its vitamin C content is twice the amount with that of an orange.

Since guava only has 37 calories and holds about 12% of your recommended daily fiber consumption, it is a perfect filling and nutritious snack. Those who are on a weight-loss program can greatly benefit from this tropical fruit.

Another significant feature of guava is its cancer-fighting property. A recent study showed that guava leaf extracts had shown their ability to halt the growth of cancer cells. Researchers believed this might have been due to the tropical fruit’s high levels of strong antioxidants.