• MrBeast has 76.2 million YouTube subscribers
  • He invited 456 players to compete for a $456,000 cash prize
  • He teased his "Squid Game" project in a TikTok video last month 

A YouTube star has recreated the set of “Squid Game,” and invited 456 players to compete for a $456,000 cash prize.

MrBeast, who has 76.2 million subscribers on the platform, shared a video Wednesday of his recreation of the hit Netflix show, showing how he refashioned each game before inviting players to take part in the competition.

The video features games from the show, including Red Light/Green Light, Marbles, and the infamous Glass Bridge. Unlike in the original Korean thriller, however, the recreated “Squid Game” comes with less dire consequences for players who get eliminated.

Instead of being shot on sight, eliminated players will only get their shirts stained by some exploding mechanism attached to them when they lose a game. The sets for the Tug of War and Glass Bridge also feature foam pits, so no player gets to fall to death or anything.

MrBeast charted the production process of making the video on Twitter, writing, "'Squid Game' has been filmed and now just needs editing, it is the craziest video we’ve ever filmed times 100! Should be up early next week." He also revealed that the video cost over $3.5 million to make and that it was partly funded by a mobile game, “Brawl Stars.”

Just like in the original series, things get a little dramatic during the Marbles Game, since players will have to team up with their friends and play against each other. The recreated version also features slight differences in the YouTube video as adjustments had to be made to assure players familiar with “Squid Game” would not have an advantage over the other players.

Last month, MrBeast teased the “Squid Game” project when he shared a video on TikTok telling fans that if his video got 100 million likes, he would recreate the games from the series.

“It’s in your hands TikTok,” he wrote at the time.

He also shared earlier this month his first photos of the project, showing off the hand-painted walls reminiscent of the skyline from the game Red Light/Green Light in “Squid Game” episode 1. 

Squid Game Official Trailer Netflix - YouTube (2) A Netflix Series | Squid Game. Survive or die. Who will live to see 45.6 billion won? Photo: YouTube Screenshot/Netflix Official YouTube Channel