• MrBeast will give away $100,000 to a random follower on Instagram in two days
  • The YouTuber promised to show proof of the giveaway
  • MrBeast also recently gave away cars to Uber passengers

YouTube star MrBeast has announced that he will be giving away $100,000 to a lucky follower this week.

On Tuesday, MrBeast, whose real name is Jimmy Donaldson, posted on Instagram that he will be giving a “random person” $100,000 and promised to show proof when the amount has been sent. People who want to join the giveaway need to follow him and @playbackbone on the social media site and share his post on their Instagram Stories.

“Follow me and @playbackbone then share this to your story to enter! If you do not follow us, we can’t dm you if you win. One random person who does will receive $100,000 in 2 days! Will show proof,” wrote MrBeast.

The 22-year-old YouTube philanthropist, who has over 45 million subscribers on YouTube, has given away millions in the form of cash and gifts to his followers and random people over the years.

In a video he posted Saturday, MrBeast posed as an Uber driver and surprised passengers by letting them keep the car that he drove them in, including a Lamborghini.

On Oct. 18, MrBeast offered a new Tesla to his three friends if they win matches of Hi-Rez’s new first-person shooter “Rogue Company.” Two of his friends ended up winning a car each.

Matthew Haag, popularly known as Nadeshot, recently asked MrBeast about the most money he has ever spent on a video.

“The most we spent was probably $1.2 million,” MrBeast revealed.

“We did ‘Last to Take Hand Off $1,000,000 Keeps It,’ and then the second place got $30,000.” Third place also got a good chunk of change, and it cost around $40,000 to set up,” he added.

Though a few of his videos generate “six-figures” in ad revenue, apart from sponsorship bonuses, MrBeast said most of the generated income is put back into the channel.

“We go hard. We dump it all back in,” he revealed.

The YouTube superstar said that there was constant argument between him and his mother when he began scaling up.

“She thought I was crazy,” he shared.

MrBeast does not intend to stop anytime soon as he went on to say that a real-world battle royale would be his dream video.

YouTuber Jimmy Donaldson aka MrBeast MrBeast/Instagram