MOSCOW, June 21 (Reuters) - China's currency will not be a specific topic of discussion at the G8/G20 meeting, while paying for future oil spills will be on the agenda, the Kremlin's top economic aide said on Monday.

China has moved towards greater flexibility of the yuan exchange rate -- a move that Russia and other countries have welcomed. But the United States still wants to see the statement followed up by significant appreciation in the exchange rate, which it says currently gives Chinese goods an unfair competitive advantage.

Of course there will be no specific discussion of China in particular, the Kremlin's Arkady Dvorkovich told a briefing ahead of the meetings of leaders from top developed and emerging nations at the end of this month.

We will, together with China, discuss the global economy and the foreign exchange system. Of course some countries have questions about China's currency policy, probably they will raise these issues, but I do not think it will develop into a wide discussion on this topic.

For its part, Russia is pushing for the discussion of how to pay for environmental disasters after a spill in the Gulf of Mexico which oil giant BP (BP.L) says has already cost over $2 billion, Dvorkovich said.

The President (Dmitry Medvedev) has recently proposed the creation of a special ecological fund to help in such situations as the one currently happening in the Gulf of Mexico, he said.

Also on the agenda will be how to pay for past and possible future bank bailouts, which some countries suggest should be covered by a bank tax -- something Russia has previously said it opposes.

Apart from Russia, the biggest doubts about this tax are in Australia, Canada, China, India, Dvorkovich said.

The G8 and G20 meetings run from June 25-27.

(Reporting by Toni Vorobyova; Editing by Lidia Kelly/Ruth Pitchford)