Representational image. Vince Talotta/Toronto Star via Getty Images

Last Thursday, 19-year-old Jackson Kelley was left in critical condition after a hit-and-run incident, and on Saturday, his speculated attacker was arrested.

Zachari Brock, 24, was arrested after what Florida Highway Patrol told troopers was an “exhaustive criminal investigation.”

The accident took place at 7:45 a.m. in Sarasota, Florida, last Thursday, leaving onlookers in disbelief. Kelley's Audi was believed to have been hit by a Kia Sedona, driven by Brock.

Footage from the crash shows Kelley's car flying into the air and flipping over at several times. The vehicle comes to a stop outside the Lantern Inn and Suites, but not before knocking down a fence surrounding the hotel's pool.

After being caught, Brock was charged with two felonies, the first of which was leaving the scene of a crash involving serious injury and driving with no valid license involving serious injury.

While law enforcement was searching for Brock, Kelly’s father begged the driver to turn himself in, telling the Daily Mail, "He [Kelly] had quite severe brain trauma. They’re sustaining him and watching him and continuing to monitor him at this point. He was on his way to class when somebody who couldn't man up and stop saw that horrible accident."

"Someone in the community knows what happened to him," he continued. "Somebody needs to do the right thing and turn that person in because not only has he impacted me and my child and family, but there's so many people in this community that know Jack, and my family, and love him.”