Florida megachurch Pastor Zachery Tims was found dead last Friday at a New York Time Square hotel. He was unresponsive on the floor of a room and pronounced dead at the scene.

Authorities believe he was alone and do not suspect foul play. The New York Medical Examiner has not yet officially published the cause of death.

However, officials said a white powdery substance, believed to be narcotics, was found inside the right pocket of his shorts, reported the Wall Street Journal.

Tims, the hugely popular but somewhat controversial pastor of Florida-based megachurch New Destiny Christian Center (NDCC), struggled with drug addiction in his youth.

However, when he converted to Christianity, he was "instantly delivered from drug addiction" and called into ministry.

In 1996, he was sent from his Baltimore church to plant a new church in Orlando, Florida. Now, that church has over 8,000 members and his video messages reach 100 million homes worldwide, according to the NDCC website.

The possibility that he died from drugs isn't the only controversy surrounding Tims. In 2009, he divorced his wife of 15 years after admitting to having an affair with a stripper.

Tims is survived by his ex-wife and four children.

Some followers of Tims urged the public to not judge the popular pastor.

"My heart was so heavy to hear about Pastor Tims. I first want to say Judge Not lest ye be judged. Matthew 7:1. My prayers got out to the family of Pastor Tims. To his wife and children I am praying for your strength during this time. For the New Destiny family I am praying for you as we all know how the enemy comes to kill steal and destroy but I stand in agreement with you that NO WEAPONS formed against you all shall prosper. My husband and I have watched Pastor Tims on several occasions and what a might Man of God. You are all in my prayers," wrote one commenter on the NDCC Facebook page.

Her sentiment was echoed by several other commenters.

Not all his followers were so forgiving, however.

"When I get to Heaven I'm gonna pop this man with the first harp I see. I am so angry that he left us. Why? Did he forget that people love him. Did he forget that his children needed their Father? I love Pastor Tims but I am angry about this tragedy. Got people devastated because he was selfish. Now his wife kids family all of us have to suffer behind this. I am hurt. I am hurt for his wife who was with him and saw a full life with him for him to just snatch it from her. I am going to stop cry one day over this loss but my tears help my heart front hurting so bad. Awesome man of God just gone. I'm hurt but prayerfull for his family. I am gonna miss hearing his powerfull messages and seeing his bright smiling face. Pastor Tims used to glow," wrote on commenter.