• A new report by the fire department and police investigators revealed information leading up to Hsieh's death
  • Investigators identified possible causes of the fire
  • New London fire marshal wrote in his report that it's possible "carelessness or even an intentional act by Hsieh could have started this fire"

New details about the fire that killed former Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh emerged on Tuesday in a report that reveals much of what happened before the shed he was in went up in smoke.

Hsieh, who had left his job as CEO of Zappos in August, died on Nov. 27 from smoke inhalation days after the tragic fire.

Hsieh had locked himself in a shed at his girlfriend's home in Connecticut before the fire broke out. Surrounding him were candles, a propane heater, Whip-it nitrous oxide chargers, a marijuana pipe, Fernet Branca liqueur bottles, and various other flammables, according to the Wall Street Journal.

New London Fire Marshal Vernon Skau wrote in a report that “carelessness or even an intentional act by Hsieh” could have caused this blaze. The report pointed out that the ex-Zappos CEO might have been intoxicated and therefore unable to recognize or react to the flames and smoke, the Journal noted.

It was after an argument with his girlfriend Rachael Brown when Hsieh decided to exit her house and sleep in the shed. He initially asked to be checked on every 10 minutes, according to police interviews .

Hsieh’s brother Andrew came to him around 3:20 a.m. to tell him it was time to leave for their planned vacation. Video footage revealed that Hsieh requested that his brother come back in five minutes, but moments later, a carbon monoxide alarm went off. Friends and witnesses said in interviews that smoke was seeping through gaps around the door at that point, fire officials said.

People tried to break into the shed, but after a few attempts, they called the fire department.

Firefighters broke down the door and took Hsieh to a nearby hospital. Hsieh was then airlifted to the Connecticut Burn Center at Bridgeport Hospital, where he died.

Tony Hsieh
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