A zebra trying to escape from a crocodile attack was captured by 33-year-old Shazmeen Hussein Bank, who released the photos Monday. The incident took place in Kenya’s Masai Mara National Reserve last month.

The series of photos showed the crocodile biting the zebra drinking water in the river. The zebra tries to flee from its jaws and somehow manages to reach the bank of the river with grievous injuries. However, it doesn’t survive for long and succumbs to the injuries. The crocodile can be seen eating the zebra's flesh it had pulled out.

Recalling the incident, the photographer said, “This is nature. This is real. This moment will stay with me forever. We were sitting on the banks of the Mara river in November. Way after the migration. Several zebras are hanging around looking like they want to cross. They come down and begin drinking water. I'm watching nearby birds for about twenty minutes and the zebras appear to be just cooling off. Suddenly, I notice a croc in the water coming towards one zebra.”

“But zebras are clever. They notice these things due to years of crossing the Mara river. But somehow this one zebra is standing neck deep in the water and this croc is coming for it. All is quiet for several moments and then the loudest splash of all time and suddenly the death roll begins. This zebra is in utter shock, we are in utter shock and I captured every single moment of it. But what was most amazing was how this zebra escaped, ran out of the water partially dead, made it to the bank and fell down. It was pumped with adrenaline,” he added.

“I know the image doesn't say that. But this is real. So, we left the zebra on the banks and came back the next morning and it was gone. Nature had a meal ready for the next animal in need of a good meal for its survival. I hope I get to experience many more like this because it might not look romantic, but this is why it's called wildlife,” he said.

Representational image of a zebra. REUTERS/Victor Fraile