Anthony Edwards
Anthony Edwards will return to television after ten years of relative obscurity. Reuters

Anthony Edwards has signed on to star in the new ABC pilot, Zero Hour, produced by Prison Break creator Paul Scheuring. In the one-hour drama, Edwards will play Hank Foley, the editor of a conspiracy theory magazine who gets swept up into a conspiracy of his own when his wife is kidnapped. In fact, Deadline Hollywood describes it as one the most compelling conspiracies in human history.

This will be Edwards's first return to the small screen since appearing as Dr. Mark Greene alongside George Clooney in ER. Edwards broke hearts in 2002 when his character was killed off the show -- Dr. Greene was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor and died soon after. The doctor was secretive about his condition and left the hospital unceremoniously, but later sent a letter to the staff which was delivered on the day he died. (You can read the letter here.)

Like ER, Zero Hour will be set in Chicago but will reportedly film in Montreal.

Edwards had roles in two under-performing movies since leaving ER - Motherhood and Flipped -- and will next appear in Big Sur later this year. Besides ER, Edwards is best known for playing opposite Tom Cruise in Top Gun. Things did not end well for his character there either.