On Friday the death toll of the Zimbabwe epidemic had reached an alarming number of 2,225.

There are approximately 42,675 others infected and 1,550 new cases are being reported every day.

The U.N. also said a lack of clean water and proper hygiene was causing re-infection after treatment and added there was an urgent need for funds to pay Zimbabwean health workers.

The world body said an operation to feed millions of hungry Zimbabweans, which preceded the cholera outbreak, meant aid workers and medical workers were competing for vehicles and fuel. It urged the government to cut red tape to speed up the arrival of supplies, which can take several months to get through the border.

Cholera outbreaks are common in developing countries, but the waterborne disease does not usually kill more than about 1 percent of people infected. The situation in Zimbabwe is however different with, according to reports, approximately 5 percent of the infected dying.