Michael Daniel
Waco, Texas, Police Department Photo Of Michael Daniel Waco Police Department

A man who was high on synthetic marijuana reportedly ate his family dog alive. Just as the zombie apocalypse hysteria began to subside, another man in a psychotic meltdown makes national news.

Waco Police Department

Michael Daniel, a Texas man from Waco, was arrested for eating his family's nearly 40-pound pooch, on Monday. He faces felony animal cruelty charges, according to police.

Daniel allegedly was on his hands and knees and chased a neighbor while barking and growling like a dog, according to KWTZ.

After his deranged behavior frightened his neighbors, he turned to his black dog that was sitting on the porch and beat and strangled the dog. When he had sufficiently injured the pup, Daniel began to eat him.

Waco Police Sgt. Patrick Swanton told KWTZ that he began to bite into the dog, ripping pieces of his flesh away.

By the time officers arrived at the scene Daniel had blood and fur around his mouth, Swanton explained to KXXV.

He allegedly pleaded with officers for them to use a stun gun on him so he could get off his bad trip.

Officer Swanson explained that the police did not fight or stun Daniel, but instead they took the blood-drenched man to the hospital, according to the Daily News.

The dog did not survive the brutal attack, KAIT reported.

Daniel explained to his neighbors that he was high on synthetic marijuana, sometimes called K-2, or Spice.

The psychoactive drug can actually be bought legally. It's made up of natural herbs and then sprayed with chemicals. The drug gives the user a quick high, but it often triggers paranoia and anxiety.

In Daniel's case, it made him psychotic enough to devour his dog.