Shortly after the success of "Squid Game," another Korean drama, "All Of Us Are Dead," is poised to become the next biggest Netflix hit this year after a record-breaking premiere on the streaming platform.

The new zombie drama, which debuted on the streaming platform Friday, received the highest rating among all Korean drama premieres on Netflix, Koreaboo reported, citing data from FlixPatrol. "All Of Us Are Dead" premiered with 679 points, while "Squid Game" had received just 231 points on its opening day. Another Korean Netflix blockbuster, "Hellbound," premiered last November with 634 points.

Just a day after its release on Netflix, "All Of Us Are Dead" took the No. 1 spot on Netflix charts in 25 countries across the globe, Soompi reported.

The ranking points for the thriller series increased Sunday, allowing the drama to maintain its grip within the top 10 shows on Netflix worldwide. "All Of Us Are Dead" is the fifth Korean blockbuster series to premiere on Netflix, along with "Squid Game," "Hellbound," "Alive" and "Space, Sweepers."

The gory 12-episode drama takes place in a school, which has become ground zero for a zombie virus outbreak. Students fight against zombies in order to survive while waiting for authorities to rescue them.

"All Of Us Are Dead" is based on the webtoon "Now At Our School." It is helmed by Lee Jae-Gyu, who is known for directing the well-loved Korean TV Series "Damo" and the film "Intimate Strangers." Its main cast includes Park Ji-Hu, Yoon Chang-Young, Cho Yi-Hyun and Lomon.

Lee had previously spoken about how the zombies in the Korean series were different from those in other productions.

"Just like the other K-zombies, our zombies are really speedy and really fast and furious and they can use all their muscles and bones. But one difference that we have, most of the zombies have hunger that drives them, but ours have terror that drives them," Lee said in an online media conference. "They are very worried and scared that others might strike them. That is why they want to strike first in order for them to be safe."

Park said the isolation brought about by the pandemic makes the series relatable in various ways. "Because we are experiencing this pandemic right now, I think 'All of Us Are Dead' became more realistic to me and I think it will really resonate with a lot of people," she said in the online conference.

Most of the series' cast members are new actors who learned "zombie choreography" for the show.

"All the zombies in #AllOfUsAreDead learned zombie choreography created by dancer and choreographer," a Twitter user said while sharing a video that showed the actors learning zombie moves.

Representation. Zombie costume. Pixabay