Halloween looks a little different this year, and the rollercoaster of 2020 has inspired quite a few new Halloween costumes. Hand sanitizer and toilet paper outfits are being sold everywhere, but one girl got creative by making her own 2020-inspired costume: a Zoom meeting.

Ada, a 12-year-old girl, dressed up as a Zoom meeting by holding up cardboard with nine “participants.” Ada sticks her head in the middle slot as the “Masked Murderer,” a perfect way to incorporate a face mask and stay safe.

However, she also appears in seven other slots as various creepy creatures. The Invisible Man, Blair (a witch), Dracula, Wolf Man, “Frank” (Frankenstein’s monster), and Creature (from the Black Lagoon) fill out the bottom and sides.

Just above Ada’s face is a live video screen square. An iPad shows whoever is in front of her identified as Next Victim.

Her dad, Greg Dietzenbach, is a creative director at an ad agency when he isn’t building epic Halloween costumes with his daughter.

Dietzenbach showed how the Zoom Meeting Halloween costume came to life on YouTube. He demonstrates how he edited photos of his daughter to look like every creature in the call.

“This costume combines the creepiness of Halloween and our weird new normal. Everyone may be bored to death of Zoom meetings, but watch out, this one…really kills. The Masked Murderer and her monster squad have found their next victim, you,” the artist wrote on Instagram.

He added, “In all seriousness, please stay extra safe this Halloween and wear your mask. ”

The creativity scored tons of compliments, with many commenting that Ada has the best Halloween costume of 2020. Ada’s “Zoom and Gloom Meeting” costume was even featured on Good Morning America.

The CDC notes that regular cotton face masks should be worn in place of costume face masks on Halloween. Ada’s costume is one option that incorporates the necessary face mask into her Oct. 31 look.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson (top left) holds a cabinet meeting via Zoom on March 31 Prime Minister Boris Johnson (top left) holds a cabinet meeting via Zoom on March 31 Photo: 10 Downing Street / Pippa FOWLES