A California deputy rescued a newborn girl who had choked on her formula and stopped breathing.

The victim was one of the twin sisters born last month. The incident took place when the child was just 10 days old, and despite her parents' efforts she could not breathe properly.

"We tried to get it out. We suctioned it out. And still she wasn't breathing properly," the father, Glen Wood, told Pennsylvania News Today on Wednesday.

He immediately called 911, and Deputy Joshua Kelly with San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department arrived at the scene.

"I knew what was going on. So, I flipped her over, threw her on my arm and started doing back thrusts, so I did back thrusts for about 30 seconds, flipped her over to check her breathing, there was still nothing,” Kelly said, adding he did two rounds of chest compressions on the child, identified as Victoria.

"And then after about a minute and a half, the baby's arms just dropped and went lifeless. So, I thought for sure the baby...we lost the baby."

But Kelly was not ready to give up on the baby and he continued to give the child CPR. After three minutes, the baby finally spit up.

"That's when she took that first breath in and it's almost like in that three minutes, I made a connection with that baby and I was there for its first breath. Like that's how it felt to me," Kelly said.

The twins’ father said he was eternally grateful to the deputy for saving the life of his child.

Wood shared his story with local media so that the public could see this side of law enforcement exists too.

"Some people see what we do, some people don't. It's not just arresting people. There's a lot more to it,” Kelly said.

According to Local21News, the baby is doing fine now.

In a similar incident last year, a California sheriff's deputy saved an 11-month-old boy after he had choked on a coin. The toddler had swallowed a coin and appeared to be not breathing. Deputy Cameron Kinsey of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department used his finger to conduct a “mouth sweep.” He then cleared any traces of vomit from the mouth and after delivering a couple of blows to the back, the boy started breathing again.

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