There's no such thing as home sweet home if the place you live in is making you depressed. If your place is giving you mental stress, it will greatly affect you. Some states are depressive because of the economic instability and the inadequate access to health care. Here are the top 10 most depressing states in the U.S.


This is one of the rural southern states that ranked low because of several concerns on mental health especially among young adults. Suicidal rate is high. As a result, many families are affected by mental illness.

2. Indiana

This Rust Belt state has constantly struggled with economic instability, high unemployment rate and enormous budget downfalls. The financial trouble directly affects the mental health care. As a result of budget problems, a lot of community health centers closed down or downsized. There is even a shortage of psychiatrists.

3. Kentucky

Poor mental health is one of the biggest social problem concerns of the government. This is brought about by the unemployment and drug abuse. Without good and sustainable jobs, they won't be able to support families. As a result, more would get depressed and anxious making them turn to drug abuse.


Residents are feeling more distressed because of the high unemployment rate in this place. The state misfortunes have resulted to psychological fallout for many individuals.


Sad to say, Mississippi is the poorest state in the U.S. There are so many concerns to focus on in this area like the obesity, heart disease and mental health disorders. It even has the highest depression rate as rated by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

6. Missouri

Serious psychological distressed is at 13%. However, the Show-me State has taken action and is now preventing and treating mental-health illnesses. They have integrated a primary mental health care much like a Mental Health First Aid. It is a program that trains teachers, policemen and the like to identify symptoms of mental illness.

7. Nevada

Nevada is always linked to partying, gambling and having a carefree life. But it is opposite in reality. One in eleven residents has suffered a major depression. Such problems worsen before they get cured. Because of the financial crisis, many have lost their jobs and suffered huge emotional distress.


Even the official state rock song can attest to the depressive state of this place. Because it's always stricken with a calamity brought about by severe weather, they never seem to overcome the poverty rate.


When you hear the word Tennessee, you can then picture out Memphis and Nashville. These are two of the famous areas known for the country and blues music. Sad to say, it is the unhappiest state to be in. 10% of residents suffered major depression. Not only that, there are high rates of obesity and diabetes that further lead to depression.

10. West Virginia

West Virginia is a mountain state the ranked last in the mental health category. They have high rates of unhappy people wherein 15% suffer mental and emotional distress every single day. Because the state has two-thirds of Virginians living in rural areas, access to mental health care is limited. Also, in 2000, a study found out that one in three residents had high episodes of depression.