The countdown is on until the “Gilmore Girls” revival premieres on Netflix on Nov. 25!

To get Lorelai and Rory fans even more excited about “A Year In The Life,” the streaming service is launching “Luke’s Diner” pop up shops across the U.S.! Two hundred coffee shops across the country will transform in the Stars Hollow eatery on Wednesday, Oct. 5 and give out free coffee to those that visit between 7 a.m. and noon.

But what about the real Luke’s Diner? Check out 10 things you may have forgot about Lorelai and Rory’s favorite place to eat:

Before It Was Luke’s: The diner has a deep history. Luke inherited the building from his father, and it was previously called Williams Hardware. He turned it into a diner after his father passed away. The second floor, where Luke lives, is the former office of the hardware store.

Rules, Rules, Rules: Luke refused to let patrons use their cell phones while in the diner. He also frowned upon people stepping behind the counter, big crowds and moving tables.

A Touch Of Character: Taylor — without Luke’s permission — put a giant window in the wall separating the diner from the new soda shop. It allowed patrons from both stores to look in.

Employees: Luke employed his nephew, Jess, as well as Rory’s close friend, Lane.

A Luke’s Alternative: When Luke and Lorelai broke up in Season 5, Luke went on an angry bender that drove his customers away to Weston’s, another Stars Hollow eatery. Weston’s was known for their “ceramic cow creamers, kitty cat salt and pepper shakers and stupid little flowers drawn in powdered sugar on their plates.”

An Improper Exit: On occasion, Luke physically threw customers out the door if they complained.

The Cost Of Toast: It took Luke 7 years to raise the price of toast from $1 to $1.10. It upset a couple patrons, like Kirk.

Refills: Fortunately for Kirk, refills on coffee are always free.

A Special Place: It might not be the most romantic restaurant in Stars Hollow, but it is where Lorelai asked Luke to marry her in the Season 5 finale. It’s also where Luke met his daughter, April, for the first time in Season 6.

Stars Hollow Bobcats: Luke’s Diner sponsored the middle school soccer team in Season 6.