Gilmore Girls
“Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life,” starring Alexis Bledel as Rory and Lauren Graham as Lorelai, will premiere on Netflix on Nov. 25. Saeed Adyani/Netflix

The “Gilmore Girls” Netflix revival is so close we can almost taste it! “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life,” is set to premiere on the streaming service on Friday, Nov. 25. Fans will be able to binge watch all four 90-minute episodes, which are set in all four seasons. But, what are devoted followers supposed to do until they’re released? We’ve been watching old episodes of the beloved dramedy and rounded up some of the best celebrity cameos you forgot about — or never recognized!

Check out 29 actors and actresses who have played classmates, love interests, Stars Hollow residents and more:

Chad Michael Murray Before landing the role of Lucas Scott on “One Tree Hill,” Chad Michael Murray played Rory’s Chilton classmate, Tristan. His character had a thing for Rory, but Rory was dating Dean. He appeared in 11 episodes.

Adam Brody — Adam Brody starred in nine episodes of “Gilmore Girls” as Dave Rygalski, Lane’s love interest and band-mate. He left the series in 2003 to star in “The O.C.”

Alex Borstein You may not recognize her, but you definitely know her voice. Alex Borstein is best known for lending her voice to Lois Griffin on “Family Guy.” Borstein played Drella, an employee at the Independence Inn who played the harp and butted heads with Michel.

Krysten Ritter Before Ritter was kicking butt in “Jessica Jones,” she played a Yale student named Lucy who was friends with Rory.

Riki Lindhome You’ll recognize Riki Lindhome as Beatrice Bellacourt on Comedy Central’s “Another Period.” Prior to that she played Juliet, a member of the secret society, the Life and Death Brigade.

Emily Bergl — Remember Francie Jarvis? She was a Chliton student who constantly fought with Paris in her senior year. Actress Emily Bergl went on to star as Sammi Slott in “Shameless” and Lilah Tanner in Season 2 of “American Crime.”

Scout Taylor-Compton — Remember Dean’s little sister, Clara? Well, she’s all grown up! Taylor-Compon has gone on to star in “Halloween II,” “The Runaways,” and most recently, “Nashville,” where she plays Erin.

Danny Pudi — Prior to playing Abed Nadir on “Community,” Pudi first appeared as Raj, a writer for the Yale Daily News. Most recently he starred in “Star Trek Beyond.”

Nick Offerman — Nick Offerman is best known for portraying Ron Swanson on “Parks and Recreation.” However, prior to that he had a guest role on “Gilmore Girls” as Jackson’s older brother, Beau.

Seth MacFarlane — Seth MacFarlene created “Family Guy” in 1999, but still had time to appear as random characters in “Gilmore Girls” between 2002-2003.

Billy Burke — You definitely won’t recognize Billy Burke in “Gilmore Girls.” Prior to playing Bella Swan’s father, Charlie, in the “Twilight” series, Burke was a love interest of Lorelai’s named Alex. He was an old friend of Sookie’s and was trying to open up a chain of coffee shops. His relationship with Lorela fizzled out after a few episodes.

Mädchen Amick — “Witches of East End” fans may not have realized that Mädchen Amick had a small role in “Gilmore Girls” before landing the role of Wendy Beauchamp. Amick played Sherry Tinsdale, a girlfriend of Christopher. He was going to dump Sherry and get back together with Lorelai, however, he rekindled his relationship with her when she found out she was pregnant. Sherry later split from Christopher and abandoned him and their daughter for a job in Paris.

Mike Henry — Another “Family Guy” voice actor makes our list. Mike Henry, who voices Cleveland Brown on the animated comedy, as well as Jackson on “American Dad,” played a Stars Hollow resident named Ed.

Mary Lynn Rajskub — You’ll recognize Mary Lynn Rajskub as Chloe O’Brian in “24” and “24: Live Another Day,” but before that she played a troubadour and a “girlfriend” in Kirk’s movie.

Brandon Barash “Gilmore Girls” fans will remember Paris’ first boyfriend, Jamie. That was Brandon Barash! You can now watch him on “General Hospital” as Johnny Zacchara, and “Major Crimes” as Detective Robby Oderno.

Cristine Rose — Cristine Rose is best known for her role as Angela Petrelli on “Heroes.” But before landing that role, Rose portrayed Francine Hayden, the mother of Christopher.

Nasim Pedrad — Nasim Pedrad kept viewers laughing as a “Saturday Night Live” cast member from 2009 – 2014. She recently turned heads as Gigi Caldwell in “Scream Queens” and Aly Nelson on “New Girl.” Prior to that she had a non-speaking role as a waitress on “Gilmore Girls.”

Andrew Collins — Andrew Collins has been playing Jarrett Mawell on “The Bold and the Beautiful” for over 13 years, but his first acting gig came from “Gilmore Girls.” He had a non-speaking role as a photographer.

Jerrika Hinton — Jerrika Hinton is saving lives as Dr. Stephanie Edwards on “Grey’s Anatomy.” One of her first acting roles came from “Gilmore Girls.” She played a beauty shop employee named Allison.

Max Greenfrield — Before playing the beloved character Schmidt on “New Girl,” Max Greenfield played one of Dean’s goofy friends, Lucas.

Adam Shapiro — Adam Shapiro, who is married to “Scandal” actress Katie Lowes, is known for his role as Dr. Metzger in “Sense8.” He appeared in an episode of “Gilmore Girls” as “Sugarman.”

Jane Lynch — Funny gal Jane Lynch had a small role as a nurse in an early episode of “Gilmore Girls.”

Jon Hamm — Yes, Jon Hamm played a love interest of Lorelai’s named Peyton. You can watch him in the episode in the clip below:

Brandon Routh — Long before joining the CW’s “Legends of Tomorrow” and “Arrow,” Brandon Routh had a small role as a concert goer in “Gilmore Girls.”

Bryce Johnson — Shortly after starring on “Popular,” Bryce Johnson landed a single episode on “Gilmore Girls” as a guy named Paul, a love interest for Lorelai. He most recently starred on “Pretty Little Liars” as Detective Darren Wilden.

Victoria Justice — Victoria Justice’s first acting role was a “Jill #2” on “Gilmore Girls.” She went on to star in “Victorious” and can be seen in the upcoming “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” TV movie.

Rami Malek — The “Mr. Robot” star got his start in acting on “Gilmore Girls.” He played a classmate of Lane’s.

Brenda Strong — “Desperate Housewives” and “Dallas” star Brenda Strong appeared in one episode of “Gilmore Girls” as a woman named Eva.

Ben Falcone — Before marrying “Gilmore Girls” star Melissa McCarthy in 2005, Ben Falcone appeared on an episode of the series as Mr. Brink. Sookie and Lorelai had to interact with him when they were trying to buy the Dragonfly Inn because he was the executor of Fran Weston’s will.