Jasper sneak peek
In a new sneak-peek video for "The 100" Season 2, episode 6, Jasper (Devon Bostick) realizes he can't trust Mount Weather anymore. CW

The characters of “The 100” aren’t any safer after Finn’s killing spree. In Season 2, episode 6, the members with their parents are waiting for a Grounder attack, and Clarke (Eliza Taylor) decides to take action, despite her worried mother. Meanwhile, the members still inside of Mount Weather realize that Clarke may have been right; Mount Weather wants to use them for their own benefit. New sneak-peek videos show Jasper (Devon Bostick) realizing he might need to leave Mount Weather while Clarke realizes she has to get back in.

Sneak Peek No. 1

Jasper seems to still be loving the Mount Weather high life, even after he had to give blood to Maya (Eve Harlow) to help her radiation poisoning. But the others seem to have gotten over the amenities of strict compound. It’s starting to feel more like a prison, and they aren’t willing to help with the radiation treatments.

“Guys, think about everything they’ve done for us,” Jasper says. “They gave us shelter, clean clothes. They kept us safe from the Grounders!”

Everyone clears out and Monty (Christopher Larkin) asks, “When did you start working for them?”

Maya comes in with a sign that says, “Act normal. They’re listening!!!” She pulls them into a back room where no one can hear them and tearfully tells them that her radiation poisoning wasn’t an accident.

“She means they exposed her to radiation on purpose. I’m betting it was to get you to agree to be her blood brother,” Monty concludes.

That isn’t the only disturbing news. Maya takes them to a vent to see into the next room. The “standard treatment” is Grounder blood, but they don’t give the Grounders the same warm welcome that they gave the 100. Instead, they’re keeping the Grounders locked up in cages.

Watch the sneak-peek video for “The 100” Season 2, episode 6 below:

Sneak Peek No. 2

Back in the outside world, Clarke (Eliza Taylor) and Raven (Lindsey Morgan) know how to solve their communication problems. “I know why we haven’t heard from any other Arc stations,” Raven says. “Mount Weather is jamming us.”

Raven and Clarke realize that Mount Weather crashed the Exodus ship, and they need to stop the signal to find out if there are other people who came down to earth. They plan to go to the Mount Weather tower to destroy it, but Clarke’s mom, Abbie (Paige Turco), and Major Byrne (Kendall Cross) interrupt.

“No one is going anywhere,” Abbie says. “What do I have to do to get through to you? You and your friends are not soldiers, and continuing to act like you are puts lives at risk.”

Clarke and Raven explain that with the frequencies jammed, they might be missing other people who are on the ground. “And more guards,” Clarke says. “You said we don’t have enough people to fight a two-front war. Mom, we’re already fighting one.”

“The Grounder retaliation for the massacre could occur at any time,” Major Byrne says. “And when it does we need every available man to defend this camp.”

Abbie realizes that her daughter won’t stop, so she decides to go with her. They need to know if there are more people, and she can’t let her daughter go alone.

“Then it’s settled. We’re going back to Mount Weather,” Clarke says.

Watch the sneak-peek video at TV Guide.

“The 100” Season 2, episode 6 airs Wednesday, Dec. 3, at 9 p.m. EST on the CW. Do you think Clarke will just focus on clearing communications at Mount Weather, or will she break her friends out? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!