• Tammy Slaton revealed why she broke up with ex-boyfriend Phillip in Monday's episode of "1000-lb Sisters"
  • She said she is open to meeting someone new following the split
  • Tammy told sister Misty she regularly receives messages on social media from people asking her out on a date

Tammy Slaton is ready to move on and find new love following her recent split from ex-boyfriend Phillip Redmond.

In Monday's episode of "1000-lb Sisters," the 35-year-old reality star revealed why she ended her relationship with Phillip, whom she recently introduced to viewers.

"I broke up with Phillip because I was tired of him getting mad over every little thing," Tammy said in a clip obtained by People.

As for whether she is open to meeting someone new or looking to take a break from dating, Tammy said, "My door's always open to talking to people. And if something works out, then it just works out."

The TLC star also discussed relationships and potential suitors with sister Misty when the two stepped out for lunch.

According to Tammy, she hasn't been as open to talking to people as she used to be as she was "trying to be more careful" when it comes to starting new relationships. However, she said she often receives messages on social media from people who want to ask her out on a date.

When Misty asked about the direct messages she is receiving, Tammy shared that they are from both men and women.

"I came out, you know, last year as pansexual, so I'm looking for a partner," Tammy explained. "I'm not looking for something specific. I want to be with somebody that makes me happy."

Misty, however, admitted in a confessional that she worries about whether Tammy feels as though being in a relationship is more important than her weight loss goal.

Misty explained that Tammy has a "bad habit" of ignoring other priorities when she gets into relationships. "And I think that her priority should be more on her diet instead of the dating," she added.

When Misty asked Tammy if dating is more important to her, the latter dismissed her concerns, saying, "I don't want to talk about that s---. Damn."

Meanwhile, Tammy's other sister, Amy, had not been on board with the former's relationship with Phillip.

Tammy previously confessed that Phillip has bragged about his preference for bigger women online and said he refuses to date anyone under 300 pounds. This led Amy to believe that Phillip would compromise Tammy's weight loss journey.

"Tammy told me she broke up with Phil, and I'm like, about damn time. Now you need to work on yourself," Amy said in a previous episode of "1000-lb Sisters," adding that Phillip wanted her sister "to be a glutton" instead of supporting her in shedding extra pounds in order to qualify for bariatric surgery, an operation that helps the body speed up weight loss.

Amy said she now hopes that Tammy will focus on losing weight because the doctor had given her sister the goal of shedding 25 pounds.

"1000-lb Sisters" Season 3 airs every Monday on TLC at 10 p.m. EST.

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