Anything from the ever-changing fade haircut to the never-boring crew, Caesar, crop, and comb over haircuts is here to help every man perfect his look and style.

Clean Fade Haircuts

A fade haircut, no matter what type it is, is not just on everyone’s lips today; it’s on everyone’s heads. It splits into three types, where the low fade gives soft length graduation to smoothly blend with the longer top, mid fade works for outlined balanced looks, and high fade creates a precise clean finish. These haircuts can nicely blend with any men’s cuts, adding more character and individuality to them.

The Ageless Undercut

The undercut, also known as a modern classic, is one of the hottest and versatile haircuts barbers have ever done. What keeps this haircut so popular is the way it combines styling flexibility with a pleasant contrastive finish. The best thing is, it never looks basic, as a man can customize the top by playing with its texture and regulate the length of the sides to create a totally unique hair look.

The Classic Comb Over

The comb over became a classic option with men of all ages long before the undercut came into the picture. While it has nothing to do with covering patches and bold spots, it has a lot of stylish approaches that can adapt to any look and occasion. A medium-length top with an asymmetrical parting is a simple, yet striking idea to finish anything from a casual to a formal outfit.

The Crew Cut

Combining stylishness and practicality, the crew cut will never lose its popularity. Although this haircut has a military origin, it can be pretty versatile in its modern facets. The top is usually kept at a moderate length so that a wearer can enhance its texture with styling products or create a side part for some big days.

The Buzz Cut

As the simplicity in its purest form, the buzz haircut has gained a new fan base of celebrities in the past few years. Its precise and clean finish allows for endless customization: a man can spice it up with a fade, as well as finish it with a striking shaved design. The good news is, it can get the most of any hair type.

The Line-Up Haircut

The line-up goes hand in hand with fades for its sharply angled hairline and neatly outlined body with a textured finish on the top. Paired with a fade, this haircut gives an incredibly modern appearance. Apart from its visual advantages, it also can whip thick and coarse hair into a well-balanced shape, which is a win for those seeking comfort with their hair.

The Caesar Haircut

Nothing can compare to the Caesar haircut when a man wants to get himself some framing while keeping up with trends. First, it was worn by the Roman leader. Now, it’s a number-one choice of stylish gentlemen who love to experiment with the texture on top and rock a defined leveled fringe.

Drop Fade Pompadour

The Pompadour that was popular in the rock-and-rolling 50s’ can reach a new level with one of the latest fade variations. By pairing this retro style with a fresh drop fade, men can modernize the old classic for a contemporary and voluminous dapper look.

Textured French Crop

Since a tousled finish with a minimalist feel on the sides is growing in popularity, a French crop is hard to go wrong with. Moreover, this haircut can be a fantastic accent for those wearing a beard, building ideal balance with its soft fringe and slightly disheveled texture.

Layered Carefree Waves + Mid Fade

Men with naturally wavy hair can enhance their patten with soft layers throughout the length. As for the sides, nothing will work better than a balanced fade that can make the hair texture manageable and hip. Layers will make the top more defined, showcasing the awesomeness of natural waves.

Curly High Top + High Fade

In the natural hair community, high top men’s haircuts are something a man with afro texture can’t imagine his life without. Besides taming those unruly curls with a cool long top, it brings a lot of hip-hop vibes to the look.

Disconnected Undercut

A disconnected undercut, where the top and sides are separated by a sharp contrast is one of the most prominent variations of the trend. This haircut is as statement-making as it’s business-appropriate; it can be different to suit all lifestyles and occasions.


When all trends are gathered together, it becomes easy to choose a haircut for men of any age and style. Today, we have showcased the hottest trends that are going to take over the web the next year to help men from all around the globe stay up to date.