‘13 Reasons Why’
Dylan Minnette and Katherine Langford paid Ellen DeGeneres a visit on the “Ellen Show” where they talked about the hit Netflix series, “13 Reasons Why.” Netflix

13 Reasons Why” ended with the death of Hannah Baker (Katherine Langford), but there are rumors that a sequel may be in the works in the coming months.

In the 13th tape that Hannah recorded, the lead character dedicated it to her school’s guidance counselor, Mr. Porter (Derek Luke). Hannah revealed that before she killed herself, she spoke to Mr. Porter about Bryce’s (Justin Prentice) evil deeds, but the counselor told her to just let things go. This was partly why Hannah decided to kill herself.

Following her demise, Clay (Dylan Minnette) gave Mr. Porter the 12 cassette tapes and asked him to listen to each one. He also told him that he’s in the 13th recording. When Mr. Porter asked Clay how come he knows so much, he told him that he’s in number 11.

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According to TV Line, there’s still a lot of storylines that may be explored in the rumored second season of “13 Reasons Why.” One major storyline that could be tackled might center on Mr. Porter and what he would do with all the information that he would get from the tapes. Mr. Porter is part of the school staff, and he is an adult who can make important decisions on behalf of Hannah and the other students.

While speaking with Entertainment Weekly, book author Jay Asher also revealed that there’s an alternative ending to the story he wrote 10 years ago. In the other version, Hannah survived after gulping down pills in an attempt to take her own life. There are rumors that this is another angle for a possible Season 2. However, Asher and the execs from Netflix haven’t confirmed whether or not this will be a go.

“13 Reasons Why” streamed on Netflix starting March 31.