“13 Reasons Why” star Dylan Minnette is finally opening up about his favorite scenes in the hit Netflix TV series.

Minnette, who played the role of Clay opposite Katherine Langford, said that all of his scenes with Langford had a huge impact on him. He also gushed over his co-star and called her “fantastic.”

While speaking with Entertainment Weekly, he said, “The scene where Clay thinks back to what he could’ve said to Hannah to save her life I think is such an impactful scene and meant so much to me when I read it. I don’t know if a scene has ever hit me as much as that.”

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The actor also talked about the mystery surrounding Clay’s mental health. In the TV series, as well as Jay Asher’s book, it was mentioned that Clay was going to the therapist to seek help. However, this storyline wasn’t explored in the show. Minnette said that there were some discussions that this story would be written into the series, but they ultimately decided not to do so.

“There were some discussions, just things to have in my brain, things that Brian didn’t think were necessary to really explain yet. So there’s little things I knew. I think overall it was really just anxiety and insecurity – his parents put him in with a doctor whether he liked it or not,” he explained.

Meanwhile, “13 Reasons Why” drew a slew of mixed reactions from fans and critics across the globe. Some believe that a sequel is necessary to close all of the major cliffhangers in the series. Others think that the series was offensive because it featured a scene where Hannah is shown taking her own life.

Screenwriter and series creator Brian Yorkey explained in “Beyond the Reasons,” a 30-minute after-show special, that they wanted viewers to feel her pain while watching the scene. “We wanted it to be very clear that there is nothing, in any way, worthwhile about suicide,” he said.