A 15-year-old girl remains missing after she disappeared with her 1-year-old daughter in Georgia.

The 1-year-old girl, identified as Amoni, has been found safe, while her mother, Junia Mayfield, is still missing, DeKalb County Police Department said in an update Tuesday, according to WJCL News.

"One-year-old Amoni has been located safe, Junia is still missing. Thank you for your assistance!" the police department wrote on Facebook, as per the outlet.

Family members said Junia dropped the baby at the house of the child's father and then disappeared on Dec 3.

Junia's mother, Keisha Mayfield, said her daughter went to a party after dropping the child off.

"I feel like she was dropping her off because of the party. She asked to go to a party and I said, 'no, she could not go,' and she took it upon herself to leave anyway," Keisha told Channel 2 Action News.

UPDATE: (As of 12/6 at 10:20 pm) One year old Amoni has been located safe, Junia is still missing. Thank you for your assistance!We need your help locating Junia, 15, & her one-year-old daughter,...

Junia was reportedly last spotted at the said party.

"She could barely walk and she got into the car and no one has seen her since then," Keisha added.

Keisha also said she has been receiving strange messages from an unknown number, noting that the sender of the out-of-character messages has claimed to be Junia, who does not have her own phone.

"That house got me depressed and sad. I can't be there. I need some time to breath(e)," the text messages read, according to the outlet. "Just letting (you know) I'm ok and Amoni good. I'm (going to) kill myself before I step foot in (that) house again, so either way when you see me I'm (going to) be dead or (just) in jail!"

The worried mother reportedly said, "In this world we live in, she could have run into the wrong person."

Keisha added that it might also be possible that the teenager ran away.

"I'm hoping that she's safe but I don't know — I don't know who she's with I don't know who she winded up around — I don't know anything — I'm just trying to get my daughter and my granddaughter safely home," she said, as per a separate report from Channel 2 Action News.

The police department is asking the public for help in knowing Junia's whereabouts. She was described as being 5'6 tall, weighing 130 pounds and having black hair, according to the outlet. Those who have seen her may get in touch with DeKalb police at 770-724-7710.

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