On Friday, Texas woman Janet Johnson gave birth to a baby boy named JaMichael that weighed 16 pounds, or more than twice the weight of an average newborn, according to ABC News.

This baby is the heaviest newborn of the Good Shepherd Hospital and believed to be the heaviest baby ever born in Texas.

Michael Brown, the baby's father, said people are calling the baby 'Moose.'

Dr. John Kirk, who delivered the large baby via Caesarean section, said Johnson's gestational diabetes contributed to the baby's size.

Despite the headline-grabbing weight of 16 pounds, JaMichael isn't the biggest baby ever born. Not even close.

The Guinness World Records states that the biggest baby born was to Anna Bates, herself born weighing 18 pounds and a giant in adulthood at 7 feet 5 inches.

Bates' baby weighed over 23 pounds but died 11 hours later.

The biggest baby to survive long after his birth weighed over 22 pounds. He was born to Camelina Fedele of Italy in 1955. In 2009, an Indonesia baby boy was born weighing over 19 pounds.

The video below, courtesy of NBC's Today show, is of 16-pound JaMichael.