A 2-year-boy had managed to escape from his daycare center and was later found riding a tricycle in the middle of a busy street in Sandusky, Ohio, on Thursday.

The toddler had wandered onto a busy street and was found by a Sandusky Police Department Officer David West.

Officer West told local media that the child was not wearing a coat or a jacket and that his clothes were dripping wet when they found him. He said the child was not able to communicate with the officers about his home and how he had reached the busy road.

After investigation, the officer found the daycare center and returned the child. He said, "I really couldn't believe it, especially that time of the day and temperature, barely dressed, walking on this little scooter in the middle of the street."

The officials approached nearby houses on a door-to-door basis in an attempt to locate the child's whereabouts. The daycare center was found after a short search and police said the bolt on its door would be easily accessible to children.

The Sandusky Police Department, in a report, said four children have previously escaped from the same daycare center in the past five years. Officer West said he had tried to explain to the employees at the daycare center about the issue and had advised them to install safety measures for the same.

The owner of the daycare was charged with endangering children after the incident and might face up to a year in prison if convicted.

In this representational photo, baby prams stand outside a baby-friendly cafe in Berlin, Germany, July 17, 2012. Getty Images/ Sean Gallup