A man in Pennsylvania was arrested Thursday in connection with the death of his 2-year-old son.

A police officer arrived at a home in Levittown on Wednesday night and found the man, identified as 27-year-old Jorddan Thornton, standing outside the residence holding the boy. The officer noticed that the child was bleeding heavily from the head.

When questioned, the man told the officer that he was lying on the bed with his son and watching Netflix. When he fell asleep for a while, the boy likely hit his head on the headboard and suffered a skull fracture.

The officer wasn't convinced with the explanation and determined that it was a gunshot wound. The officer walked into the home and found blood on the ceiling. He also found blood and a piece of skull on the floor, a criminal complaint obtained by NBC10 stated.

The child, identified as Julius Thornton, was taken to a local hospital but he was declared dead. Doctors told the officer that the wound on the boy's head was consistent with a gunshot wound.

The father was detained for questioning during which he told investigators that there were guns at his home but all of them were kept in drawers. The man was taken into custody and charged with child endangerment Thursday.

The investigation was ongoing to find out whether the man shot his son or the child accidentally shot himself. No one else was at home when the incident took place.

Neighbors told investigators that Thornton was running around screaming for help before the officer and ambulance arrived at the home Wednesday night.

"They had to pull the boy out of the stretcher and the boy's head was – it was morbid," Ryan Spence, a neighbor, told the outlet.

Another neighbor said that just two minutes before the man ran out screaming for help, she heard a loud bang from his apartment which sounded like a gunshot.

The child would have turned 3 on Dec.24.

Representational image of a handcuff. Pixabay