Fans of the TV series 24 will have to wait even longer for Jack Bauer to kick ass on the big screen.

While the 24 movie was supposed to begin shooting next month after Kiefer Sutherland finishes shooting his TV series Touch, a source close to the 24 movie said a squabble over Sutherland's salary and squabbles over budget issues are holding up filming.

It didn't work out right now. Everyone is trying to figure out how to do it next year, the source told The Wrap, which exclusively reported the development Thursday night.

The show ended after eight seasons in 2010 and fans have been aching to get their Bauer fix ever since.

Fox, the studio behind both the TV series and the film, originally offered to pay Sutherland $1 million but the actor demanded $5 million. They later countered with $2 million, but the sides still can't come to an agreement.

Renowned producer Brian Grazer reportedly asked for a $40 million budget for the movie but Fox wouldn't go higher than a $30 million spending limit, The Wrap reported.

There were rumors that the 24 movie was going to be shelved, but executive producer Howard Gordon said the film is slated to go on, according to

The status was, I would say as recently as a week or two ago, pretty positive that it was going to happen as early as this May and everyone was racing to get that to happen, Gordon told And I think Kiefer and Fox -- everyone -- decided because of everyone's schedule it was not a good thing to rush. No one wanted to rush it.

Sutherland garnered critical acclaim for his portrayal of kick-ass CTU agent Jack Bauer in 24, which was on the air for eight seasons from 2001 to 2010. The Canadian-born Sutherland, son of actor Donald Sutherland, won a Golden Globe, two Emmys, a SAG award to go with five total nominations for playing Bauer.