One of the basic questions of individuals who want to be fit and healthy is how to get rid of visceral fat. Getting rid of this harmful fat is essential since it is the one that is right next to the body’s vital organs. Too much of this fat has been associated with various health complications like heart disease and stroke.

There are three diet tips that you could follow that could help you get rid of visceral fat. Sticking to these diet tips could eventually help you finally remove that harmful fat.

whole grains to get rid of visceral fat
whole grains to get rid of visceral fat Evita-Ochel - Pixabay

Go for Whole Grains

According to a study found in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, a low-calorie diet where whole grains are included can greatly help in getting rid of visceral fat. Whole grains are the best alternative because refined grains, which are normally found in sweets, bagels, biscuits, and the like, leave people feeling less full. The latter then induces individuals to eat more. Some of the best whole grain foods include rye, oats, and quinoa.

Choose Healthy Fats

Yes, there are healthy fats, and these fats can greatly help in getting rid of that unwanted abdominal fat. According to the American Diabetes Association, if you opt for a higher intake of monounsaturated fats, you will have a lower distribution of fat in the abdominal area. In addition, you would also see a decrease in insulin resistance. Some of the best sources of monounsaturated fat include nuts and avocado.

More Fiber Please

A study conducted by Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center revealed that if you eat 10g of soluble fiber each day for five years, you would be able to reduce visceral fat by 3.7%. Upon reaching the stomach, soluble fiber turns into some sort of a gel-like substance, which helps in blocking cholesterol and also helps in keeping you full.

Some of the best sources of soluble fiber include almonds, peas, chickpeas, banana, and brown rice. Going for these foods will always be a good alternative.

Now that you have identified the three foods that you must include in your daily diet, it’s time to adhere to them by heart. Doing so can greatly help you get rid of that nasty visceral fat.