A pet snake who got loose over the Labor Day weekend was finally found after a “building-wide search.”

The news was confirmed by the Fond du Lac Reporter, who said that Kai, a three-foot long ball python was found Friday and was “safely back home.”

The same information was relayed through the school's Twitter account.

Prior to Kai's discovery, Fond du Lac High School Principal Matt Steinbarth told multiple sources that the ball python was on the loose somewhere inside the school premises after it escaped its cage by knocking off its lid.

CNN said that Kai is owned by a biology teacher and has brought the ball python (Python regius) to class on occasion “to show the students.”

“It popped the top off its cage and is now on a little adventure in the school unfortunately,” Steinbarth said, via Inside Edition.

Above is a representational image of a python. Getty Images

The source added that school officials spent the first week of class searching for the slithery serpent, although their efforts reaped no rewards. Even the local fire department was called in to help but, despite using “heat sensors,” wasn't able to find the escaped reptile.

They even sought the assistance of a herpetologist to locate the snake, CNN added.

Their joint effort had led to a conclusion that the snake was hiding in the school's ventilation system. Despite knowing where it was, retrieving the snake still proved to be a difficult task considering that ball pythons are nocturnal.

Janitors were scheduled to keep any eye out for Kai.

While most principals would put matters into their owns hands and cancel classes, Steinbarth stood his ground and continued with the school's normal routine.

“It is one of the most docile snakes that there are in nature, and their intention is never to bite or hurt anybody,” said the principal, adding that they not too worried that Kai was loitering somewhere and could startle students.

Voicemails and emails were sent to parents by school officials after they knew of Kai's disappearance Tuesday.

“It's one of those things you don't want to have to worry about, especially at the start of the school year,” said Steinbarth.

The principal also explained that the animal did not pose a threat to anyone, but one student was taken aback by the thought of a snake roaming around the campus.

“I was kind of spooked,” said student Trinity Paavola.