A 4-year-old boy rescued from a burning building by firefighters in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, died of his injuries.

Rescue personnel arrived at the scene as the blaze raged inside a two-story apartment building near North 84th Street and Mill Road at around 3 p.m. Sunday.

The child was found on the second floor of the building and was pulled from the flames. Paramedics performed life-saving measures before the boy was taken to the hospital, WISN 12 News reported.

The boy passed away just hours after being rescued.

"These hit so hard, but never harder than the family who must now deal with unimaginable grief and loss. Our hearts go out to them - please keep them in your thoughts," the Milwaukee Fire Department wrote on Twitter.

A neighbor was at the scene of the fire and said she ran into the building as smoke bellowed and tried to rescue the child.

"When I get out of the car, all you hear is 'Please, no! Help me! Not my baby, not my baby,'" the neighbor Lashanda Blackmer told WISN 12 News' Kendall Keys.

Blackmer said she entered the smoke-filled building after hearing the screams. "I was inside of her house. We were literally up the stairs trying to get to the little boy," she added.

The smoke eventually made it too difficult for Blackmer to continue looking for the boy. So she stayed with the boy's mother and tried to comfort her as firefighters searched for the child.

"Calm down, I'm going to be here for you, I'm not going to leave your side. Your son is going to be okay," Blackmer recalled trying to comfort the mother.

"But then when they brought him out and I seen him, I still kept faith," the neighbor added.

Blackmer said she was "messed up" after learning the boy did not survive.

"Don't nobody want to see or hear that their kid is dead, like no. And that really messed me up," she told the outlet. "Hysterical. I could have fainted. I'm just lucky that it wasn't my baby."

Deputy Fire Chief Erich Roden said no other injuries were reported from the fire, according to Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

The cause of the fire was not immediately clear; however, the Milwaukee Police said the fire does not seem to be suspicious.

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