400 human bodies make up coral under Cancun sea
400 human bodies make up coral under Cancun sea Jason de Caires Taylor

The Silent Evolution, a project that saw installation of human sculptures underwater in The Museum of Underwater Modern Art, off the east coast of Mexico is now completed with 400 life-size sculptures standing tall to protect the natural coral reefs of the area.

Created by British artist Jason de Caires Taylor, the sculptures are made of a special type of cement which has a neutral pH that encourages coral to grow.

Most of the statues are now already adorned with artificial reef drawing tourists away from the natural corals, a step that would protect marine life and amuse tourists at the same time.

According to marine scientists, Over 750,000 people visit the marine park every year that puts a huge pressure on the natural reef.

Making artificial reefs accessible from Cancun and Isla Mujeres National Marine Park seem to have been a great way to protect environment, promote tourism in a barren sea and create something unusually artistic in water.

Here's a video showing the underwater world of human statues producing artificial coral reef: