April 20 is widely known as the unofficial pot-smoking day, when scores of youngsters across America, specifically in the Northern region, flock in public and smoke marijuana.

However, the trend has left most parents fuming, some even demanding strict action to at least keep teenagers away from the marijuana festival.

If we had an event where children were being offered tequila shots, we would all be in an uproar. So, why are we not upset about pot smoking? pointed out an enraged parent of a Vancouver high school student.

Inge Mueller-Langer told CBC News, I don’t think it's very responsible. I think the school should instead be educating our children about the potential long-term effects of smoking pot when you are a teenager.

Tibor Palatinus of Narcononalso asserted in the news report that “It is not a festival…. It’s a pot promotion. It's a weed-selling promotion. Sponsored and promoted by drug dealers, that’s what is going on.

Surprisingly, celebrities like Rihanna, Snoop Dog and several others were also spotted talking about the 4:20 day on public forum. They wished their fans, followers and friends a happy 420, openly on Twitter.

Popularly known as 4:20, its origin dates back to the 1970s. It first began in a California High School, where students gathered at 4:20 p.m. to smoke-up.

Take a look at the Annual Marijuana Rally in the slideshow.