“Superbad” is just one comedy title streaming on Netflix in April 2017. Sony Pictures

April 20th is more than just a Thursday for those celebrating 4/20 in 2017. In celebration of the marijuana enthusiast date, and for those looking to stay in and catch up on some movies and TV shows, we have curated a list of the best comedies, weed documentaries and shows to stream on Netflix.

“Sausage Party”- You won’t regret watching a showing of this animated R-rated comedy. The film follows a sausage (voiced by Seth Rogen) as he learns the terrible truth about grocery store food. A stoner character who appears mid-feature makes the entire film.

“Good Burger”- Relive your favorite “All That” sketch while also making yourself hungry as you watch Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell whip up some Good Burgers.

“Scooby-Coo 2: Monsters Unleashed”- Matthew Lillard brings Shaggy, everyone’s favorite suspected stoner cartoon character, to life in this 2004 film.

“Superbad”- Two teenagers try to make the best out of one of their last (and possibly, first) high school parties. This 2007 comedy stars Jonah Hill and Michael Cera.

“Sharknado”- If you haven’t dived into this TV movie franchise yet, now is a better time than ever. Watch as sharks fall from the sky and take over the world in this sci-fi dramedy. (If you enjoy the first one, Netflix also has three of its follow-up films available to stream.)

“Sky High”- Not to be confused with “How High,” this movie is about teenage superheroes, which sounds good enough for us.

“Kid Cannabis”- A teen leaves high school behind in favor of making money with his friend who traffics marijuana in from Canada.

“Super High Me”- A play on the fast food documentary “Super Size Me,” this film shows the effects of 30 days without marijuana and 30 days of non-stop use. Comedian Doug Benson stars.

“Reincarnated”- All hail Snoop Dogg. The hip-hop star’s 2012 documentary follows his travels to Jamaica and his immersion into Rastafarian culture.

“Dough”- A struggling baker finds a new way to make a profit when his apprentice puts Cannabis in his creations. Talk about making some green.

“Inside: Medical Marijuana”- Get an inside look at the world of legalized marijuana and the science behind the drug in this 2011 documentary.


“Weeds”- If you’re not interested in watching a movie, consider a marathon of the Showtime series. Netflix has all eight seasons available for streaming.