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Since Rihanna's 'Man Down' video aired on may 31, it has been criticized for its content. The video features Rihanna at a club dancing with a seemingly harmless guy. After she leaves the club alone, the man follows her and rapes her.

Although the video doesn't show the act, it's very much implied.

The man grabs Rihanna, pushes her against a wall, and as she struggles he puts his hand over her mouth. The next scene shows Rihanna wiping tears from her eyes as she falls into a corner -- the man walks away with his shirt tattered and torn.

Following the rape, Rihanna commits premeditated murder against the man, shooting him while he walks down the street.

The video sheds some light on some very heavy topics and for this it's been deemed inappropriate for primetime television.

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It's not rare for the entertainment industry, especially the film industry, to cover such crimes, and sometimes films that portray a female's struggle against physical or sexual assault are applauded.

But, due to the fact that violence is used in the video to solve the problem, and because this is a music video meant for cable television, there will inevitably be some controversy.

This is,however, not the first time a pop star has created controversy over the content manner in a music video.

When it comes to pushing the envelope, Madonna is no stranger. Madonna was criticized after airing 'Like a Prayer.'

In the video, Madonna pushes boundaries by incorporating sex, religion and race. The video is about a woman who witnesses a white female's murder, and when a black male tries to save the victim he is falsely accused of committing the crime.

In one scene Madonna develops stigmata, in another, she kisses the feet of Saint martin de Porres, which was perceived by some as a black version of Jesus Christ.

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Madonna - Like A Prayer

by Warner-Music

Another controversial video is Prodigy's, 'Smack My Bitch Up' which was banned from MTV.

Madonna's 'Justify My Love' was also banned from MTV for being too racy for the network. It depicts an erotic dream too similar to an X-Rated film.

Watch Madonna's 'Justify My Love' here.

George Michael's song 'I Want Your Sex' featuring models in lingerie was banned from BBC radio for its explicit title. In the following years, song titles emerged such as 'I Wanna Sex You Up' and 'I touch Myself' which were regulary played over the airwaves.

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Also, no stranger to controversy is Eminem whose video 'Stan' was banned for featuring an obsessed Eminem stalker/lookalike that drives his pregnant girlfriend into a river to grab attention from his idol, Eminem. Watch Eminem's video 'Stan' featuring Dido